Creating a blog is hard!

… or at the very least, I’m terrible at it.

I must admit, I have put this off for waaaay too long now. It certainly does feel weird jumping back into blogging after being away for so many years. Do people still use the term ‘blogging’ anymore? God, I’m so out of touch.

To kick things off, I thought that I might share two of my favourite things that have happened this week. They’re film- and TV-related (e.g. Riverdale), so spoilers, beware!!!!

1) Kimi no Na wa / 君の名は / Your Name (2016)

Image credits:

I cannot stress this enough: this is such a beautiful film. The animation is top-notch, the characters are really likable, and the story itself BLOWS. MY. MIND. Yes, you can call it a love story, but it develops in such an unexpected fashion and you end up really rooting for the characters. I don’t wish to give too much of it away – and I really can’t describe the movie without doing so – so, please, if you have the time, give this film a shot. I must say, Spirited Away is probably my favourite film of all time, but this… This film, man.

Recommendation level: cue ugly crying face OW MY HEART HURTS.


If you watch the CW’s Riverdale, you’ll probably already know what I’m talking about. I let out such a sharp gasp and immediately bombarded my friend with multiple “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG” messages. You get the picture. Firstly, Cole Sprouse continues to be so dang charming, and the friendship between Betty and Jughead is arguably one of the best aspects of the show. And in honour of such a glorious moment, I present to you:

Image credits: My wonderfully talented friend, Sarah Shariff

So there you go. Here are some of the things I’ve been loving at the moment. I do watch quite a bit of movies and TV shows, so do expect more of such related content. Now, how about you? Have you watched Your Name yet? Do you keep up with Riverdale? Let me know what you’ve been loving, and what you think I should check out next!

And, yes, I’ll be using caps lock for my posts, so don’t you worry your pretty little heart. 


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