Damn Waiyee,

back at it again with another favourites post. (please forgive me)

Unlike normal people who actually have the patience to wait till the end of the month to shell out all the things they have been loving, I simply couldn’t wait. And also because I haven’t updated this space as regularly as I would like, if I’m being honest. This is just a small compilation of really random things that I’ve been loving here and there, so if you are interested in discovering new stuff along with me, read on!


And I really do mean feast your eyes with this show:

Image credits: The Wrap

If you love food, this show is definitely for you. If you don’t love food… What???!?? Chef’s Table really opens your mind and makes you reevaluate your own relationship  with food. Each standalone episode explores a chef’s philosophy towards cooking and culture/self, and it really is saliva-inducing admiring their exquisite food against the backdrop of such vibrant cultures. Also, the music is everything. The closing montage of every dish accompanied by the energetic classical tunes is truly, truly orgasmic. Trust me on this.

Image credits: HBO Canada

HBO’s Big Little Lies is deeply reminiscent of Desperate Housewives (which I absolutely loved), but darker, more seductive, and filled to the brim with big billing stars. Apart from these three leading ladies, we get the likes of Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, Adam Scott, Alexander Skarsgård, and I find myself asking every week, “Honestly, how do they finance this show?!” Again, the soundtrack is bomb, and these three ladies are magnetic, especially Reese Witherspoon. You can’t not love her.

Li0nsmane / Aslan

I have been a fan of Estee Lalonde for a good while now, and when she told us to check out her boyfriend Aslan’s Youtube channel for vlogs, you know I just gotta do it! Aslan does really interesting travel vlogs where his own photography intersperses the video, and his photos are gorgeous. If you’re interested in photography and stuff like that, he has a video (and hopefully more upcoming videos) detailing his travel camera kit. Really good stuff!

(H)EAR ME OUT – Music

I’ve been really into songs that you’ll reach for on gloomy morning rides. And these two songs from the band Cinders have been doing the trick for me:

I might also decide to create a Spotify playlist dedicated entirely to songs for blue mornings. Let me know if that’s something you will be interested in! Or I might just create it anyway because I JUST WANT IT.

I actually do have one more favourite item I wanted to share, but it seems to jut out from this particular selection because it’s makeup-related. Yes, I know that I’ve already said this is a random curation of favourites, but I can’t help but feel uncertain about including it in. So I guess for now, these are all the things that I have been enjoying!

If you’ve checked these things out, let me know your thoughts! I would also like to know what you’ve been loving at the current moment too, and I’ll definitely check them out when I can. 🙂

“Sometimes when our lives are unhinging, we all just sit and stare.
But sometimes when our lives are in control, we all don’t even care.”


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