The room tour nobody wanted

I am currently trying to work on my final-year dissertation (which is due in less than a week, mind you) but my mind is just so cloudy and stuck. So as a way to get my mind off writing it, here I am… Writing something else. The irony of it all!

A couple of posts ago, I talked about one of my biggest accomplishment so far this year – redecorating my room. Earlier today, that has been replaced by me getting my driving license (!!!!) But back to topic. Now, my room’s nothing spectacular, but I am just filled with so much pride after spending all those hours on it. Granted, I didn’t fix the table nor move the bookshelf myself… but hey, mama did put in work, okay? And I just want to show it off even though nobody asked for it. Then again, nobody asked for this blog but here it is to fuel my ever-narcissistic soul.


This is what I wake up to every morning, and I love it!!!! I can’t tell you what a joy it is to finally have a bookshelf that actually has books. Also, my cup collection is evidently getting out of hand…

My trying-to-art wall
Of people and places

This wall is so special to me because everything on it has such an indelible place in my heart. But it also constantly reminds me of what a #brokeassbitch I currently am. I can’t even think of returning to these places when I might not even graduate at this point given how my dissertation is going… which is nowhere.

Bedside shenanigans

Probably the best thing I could have done to my room was to finally utilise this once-useless-to-me ledge. I put more reading materials to encourage me to be more active in reading… and once a month it works. I’m truly a terrible English student. But what it has gotten me to do is to play the ukulele more, so at least that’s good for something!

So like I said, my room’s not much. It’s pretty basic, or as I like to call it, fake hipster. But a nice room to work in does motivate me most of the time… Well, except now, of course.


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