What’s on my reading list

Now that my dissertation’s almost complete, I do believe I deserve a little reward. Wait. Scratch that. Who am I kidding? It’s nowhere near completion. It’s just that the deadline’s tomorrow, so I have no choice but to believe that I can finish it.

Okay, now back to business. Over the past few months, I’ve been compiling a little list of books I’ve been dying to get. Yet, I’ve also been trying something new this year called exercising self-control, and so I’ve narrowed this list down to 5. That’s not too bad, right? Also, can I just say, after 4 years of studying English, you’d think that I’d be averse to books by now. God, am I a nerd or what.*

*Not a question. I am proudly one.

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh – Vincent van Gogh / Lust for Life –  Irving Stone

Those who know me know that I am all for the dark, morbid, going-down-rabbit-hole kind of stuff. So it is no surprise that I find van Gogh such a fascinating character. I had a chance to visit Montmartre close to 2 years ago. We passed by the apartment van Gogh used to stay, and there was something just so attractive and mysterious about this little, unassuming flat. Of course, I’m just romanticising it all, but I really did feel a sense of allure towards it. Okay, let’s put it this way – to all you Breaking Bad fans out there (sup homies): if you make a trip down to Walter White’s house (and that pizza roof, boiiii), you’ll see it’s just an ordinary house. But you know, beyond that plain facade, there was magic that once existed there. And that’s simply how I felt. But I digress. Bottom line is, I am currently torn between deciding which one of the 2 books to get – again, exercising self-control – so if you have any recommendations, do let me know!


Infinity Net: The Autobiography of Yayoi Kusama

To cut things short, my reasons for wanting to read this are pretty much similar to why I wish to read the books discussed above. Also, there’ll be an upcoming Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Singapore this June, and I. can’t. wait.


Bloom – Estee Lalonde

Following the thread of autobiographies/biographies, Bloom by Estee Lalonde is something that I’ve had my eye on for a while (basically, ever since it was published). Firstly, Estee’s aesthetics are #goals. Seriously, check out her YouTube channel and her blog. Also, there’s this level of maturity she exudes that is just so… attractive? Is that the right word? I don’t know. Simply put, I’m a fan.

An Untamed State – Roxane Gay

Moving on to fiction, I was drawn into the desire of wanting to read An Untamed State by Roxane Gay simply because of this review. Really. Sometimes all it takes for me to be interested in something is a captivating review (just like how I can’t wait to watch Tommy Wiseau’s The Room simply because some of the comments and reviews I’ve read are just genius). Yet, even with that said, I have no doubt in my mind that this is going to be a brilliant, thought-provoking, and possibly soul-crushing book. And since I have no soul, I am fully ready.

Vox – Nicholson Baker

I was very lucky to have met Nic Baker about a year ago. He had a semester-long teaching stint at my university, and I had a chance to be in an environment full of kindness and acceptance and learning created by him. I am just full of admiration (if you can’t already tell) and cannot stress enough how grateful I am to have met him. And with that, I’ll move on because this is now bordering on creepy.

So that’s it! My top 5 picks from a list of 20 and counting. Admittedly, I do have quite a bit of unread books left on my shelf, and could probably do without buying more books. But I can’t help myself!!!! I truly have a problem. And if you’d love to fuel my buying addiction, do leave me some recommendations on what’s currently on your reading list/to-buy list as well. Because as we all know, I am very, very susceptible…


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