Sometimes I try to art

Sneaking a short post in because 1) I’m about to go to bed 2) I can 3) my dissertation is finally over, fuuuuuuk yeah! I can’t even begin to tell you what hell it was trying to get the damned thing printed… But for the sake of brevity, I spent $25 printing my dissertation. To put this in relative terms, normal people (aka people who are not me) probably spent about $3-$4. El stupido me accidentally printed my dissertation IN COLOUR. Which is ironic because I have a pitch-black soul.

But now that hell has finally tide over, I finally have time to do things that are useless in the world of academia. Guess who’s going to have the time of her life? …My mom, that’s who. While I’m still stuck at home for the next couple of weeks trying to get through my final exams ever (hopefully ever) or just getting my life together in general, my mom is flying her happy little self over to Japan. So I thought I’d do a nice lil’ something for her to make up for all the times I shushed her or chased her out of my room… To be fair, the dissertation did make me extra cranky.

P1160860 copy

P1160865 copy
My peace offering

Like everything I try to do, it’s nothing fancy. But then again, I’m clearly inept in all facets of life. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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