TV has taken over my life

… yup. I’m back with another favourites post. My blog has been churning out such original content.

This time round, I thought I might focus primarily on TV because I have not been able to stop watching TV programmes, as my title so subtly alluded to.

Ever since I completed my dissertation, I haven’t found the motivation to hit the books once more for my final exam paper. Don’t we all just get that lull from time to time? Haven’t we suffered enough? Haven’t we sacrificed enough blood, sweat, and tears for the semester? What more do you want from us, education? Give us a break already!

Clearly, I’m still full of pent-up rage.

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year/Everything

This show kills me. For the unacquainted (like me… approximately 2 days ago), this is a British comedy panel game show that quizzes about anything and everything either in a specific year or ever, in the history of mankind. The panel, made up of 3 teams of 2, is definitely what makes the show. They’re often comedians – but once in a while, celebs like Mel B appear and you get this precious gem of an exchange:

Richard Ayoade is my spirit animal

And it is a marathon all right. Every episode (which I thankfully found on YouTube) is about 1.5 hours long. And I sat through about… 5-6 episodes so far. Within 2 days. Yes I have absolutely no life, and this is ironically me living my best life.

The Night Of

Now you might be wondering, 6 episodes within 2 days aren’t that much. So what did I spend the rest of my time on, then? The Night Of, that is. The Night Of was released last year, but I’ve only heard of it now. How did that even happen?! So what did I naturally do? Finish the season in these past 2 days as well.

So what is The Night Of about? It is an 8-episode crime drama starring Riz Ahmed. He has been, or is going to be, in many great projects, but I know him best from Nightcrawler (side note: Jake Gyllenhaal was perfection in it. Check it out!). The actual premise itself is interesting: Naz (Riz Ahmed) meets a stranger, and after a night of drinks and drugs, he wakes up to find her dead. But the show is not so much a whodunnit than it is an exploration of identity, race, and prison politics. It is dark, gripping, and at times funny, and I highly recommend you checking it out. After all, it’s just 8 episodes! It’ll be a breeze to get through.

While it’s easy for me to get into a new TV series, I often have so much inertia getting myself to watch a new film. Which is really strange because 1 film takes around 2-3 hours while 1 season of a TV series takes up probably 24 hours. And I obviously do not stop at just one season! This is how my attempts at getting work done go to shit.

Which is why, in other news, I created a calendar for myself to watch at least 2 new films per month:

P1160879 copy

Now, there is a method to my madness. There are obvious thematic months, like February (Valentine’s Day) and October (Halloween); there are months dedicated to foreign films; there are months where I just wanna Netflix and chill with myself, watching a trainwreck of a movie like The Room. Yes, I consciously know that it’s bad, and I made an equally conscious decision to torture myself so.

So there we have it! A TV favourites post… with only 2 favourite shows… which pivoted into a film post… I’m just wild like that. But let me know what you’ve been watching. I’d love to get into something new! I’ve seen all the buzz around 13 Reasons Why but I have an inexplicable reason why I’m not that interested in it… Should I give it a go? Let me know what you think!


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