What’s in my travel makeup bag

My makeup style is very, extremely basic, but just enough to make me look human again.

With that said, I have an upcoming trip to Australia in a few days’ time. I tried to pack my makeup lightly for 11 days… but then again, makeup isn’t even light anyway! So there’s my excuse.

P1160924 copy


P1160932 copy

If I were being honest, this primer doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me at all. I have rather big pores in my nose, and despite using this, I have yet to see a difference. Yet, this stuff is expensive (to me, at least), and I ain’t gon’ be wasting no expensive product now! So I’ve decided to bring it anyway just in case a miracle happens.

I don’t use foundation on my face, simply because I don’t really mind how my skin looks and that I’m just lazy. But I really do need concealer for my dark eye circles, because they are dark. Which is apt because if the eyes are the windows to your soul… I’ve also used the Age Rewind concealer on my blemishes and it works decently well. So, killing two birds with one stone, eh?

I enjoy the Innisfree No Sebum powder very much. This is probably my 3rd pot now (4th considering I bought one for my sister, but since she’s not using it, I’ll probably steal it back). But I must say, each pot I’ve gotten all smelled different – the talc scent in my current pot is reaaaally strong. And up till now, I have no idea what the product is truly supposed to smell like.

Oh, Essence. I love walking around the Essence aisle in my local Watsons (Singapore’s equivalent of a drugstore) because most of the products – if not all the products – are so ridiculously affordable. While I’m not too big a fan of the contour powder because it seems a little too reddish on my skin, I find that mixing the contour and highlight together and using them as a bronzer works magically for me. Also, I don’t wear eyeshadow, but when I want to look like I’ve put in minimal effort, I just throw some of the contour shade on my lids.

Being the basic bitch I am, I had to get the Tarte Amazonian Clay in Exposed. And I love it. In fact, I’m a sucker for Tarte. I bought so many Tarte products one time my friend told me that Tarte should pay me instead. I’ve used this blush so damn much but the imprint is still intact. I don’t get it. What is this sorcery, Tarte?

EYESP1160935 copy


I love the NYX Micro Brow Pencil because it makes the end of my brows look so pointy. Also, it’s so thin and handy and it is truly all I need in an eyebrow product.

I don’t wear eyeliner on a daily basis. Nay, not even on a monthly basis. But I still like having it around to know that I can look fancy anytime I want to.

Because I’m not bringing an eyelash curler, the Benefit Roller Lash is a semi-life saver. I have the worst lashes ever – they are so damn short and straight. Not even an eyelash curler has been able to salvage them so the Roller Lash will do. I do see a slight lift when I use the Roller Lash, but like I said, my eyelashes are. the. worst. And because I’m so extra, I am bringing along my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes as well for a little more volume.


P1160941 copy

This lipstick is just something I always throw into my bag, so I’m bringing it along because it simply never, NEVER, leaves me. It’s possibly my perfect everyday nude. I just love mauve shades so much.

This was one of my favourite buys when I was in the U.K. I visited Boots and Superdrug almost every week for no reason, and one fine day, I walked away with this beauty. It’s a muted rose colour, but on me, it veers towards being a little pinkish. But I just love how it looks, and how it feels as well!

Admittedly, I haven’t worn this colour all that much. But I wanted to bring something bolder so that, again, I will look like I actually tried. It’s a dusty mauve-pink with a cooler undertone, and you can clearly see a trend in my lipstick collection. I am unashamedly one of those people who have a million lipsticks of the same shade.


P1160945 copy

Does this really need any more introduction?

Like I said, I like mixing the contour and highlight of my Essence Shading Powder, and I love doing it with this brush. The brush doesn’t pick up a lot of product at once, which is fine by me in this case.

Ugh, I love this brush for blush so much. e.l.f. is another one of those affordable and amazing makeup brands, and I’m living for it.

The Tarteist Toolbox Brush Set was definitely one of my best makeup buys last year. The brushes are gorgeous, and I actually have a use for every single one of them. I am always hesitant to commit to palettes of any kind because my heart will die when I don’t use any one product in the palette. So to Tarte I say, brava!

And there you have it. My humble travel makeup bag. I really don’t believe I am bringing an exorbitant amount of makeup, but what do I know? As you can tell, my makeup style is generally using products for the sake of making my money’s worth because I’m practical like that. But leave me some makeup recommendations and I’ll check them out! Because I evidently need some makeup that I actually like...


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