Archie Andrews? #boybye

I have never been a fan of Archie Andrews even in the Archie comics. Granted, he’s goofy and thus ~lovable~ that way, but I simply couldn’t understand why every girl fell for him. Also, he really did treat Betty like absolute garbage. #justiceforbetty

P1170095 copy
Before I knew what being “broke” meant

When I started watching The CW’s Riverdale, I realised that TV Archie was no better than comics Archie. In fact, could he actually be worse? TV Archie is so goddamn oblivious, there were many times when I wanted to grab him through the screen and scream so hard in his face. Everyone’s busy solving a murder mystery? There goes Archie trying to strum a guitar. Jughead wants to be alone? There goes Archie admitting a million high schoolers into his house. And yet, like the comics, every girl seems to fall for him anyway. What magic potion are you feeding everyone, Archie Andrews? Although I’ll admit, he did prove himself useful…ish in this final episode.

With that said, I’ve sat through all 13 episodes of Riverdale‘s first season, and while I enjoy the show as good, campy fun, I’m leaving it unsure if I truly like it. So here’s a brief review of what I thought worked, and what I didn’t like too much (aka Archie Andrews). While I’m keeping this review mainly spoiler-free, I’m still going to put this out there: spoiler alert. Don’t come hatin’.


1) Bughead. I’ve already mentioned this in a previous post, but my love for Bughead will never die. Like many people, Cole Sprouse is #bae. But what’s more, Jughead is my spirit animal. Hates people? Check. Loves being alone? Check. Film addict (and more importantly, a fan of Tarantino)? Check. Always look like he’s planning a murder in his head? Check check check.

2) The parents. The performances of the parents are amazing (considering what I’m about to say regarding the acting of the teens). Alice Cooper (Mädchen Amick), in particular, is so good, and so unhinged you could always see it in her eyes.

3) The mystery. I was initially skeptical about taking the light-hearted comics in such a different direction, but I must say, I think it works. For the most part. From the 2nd episode onwards, I thought the show really found its momentum by allowing the mystery to shed more intrigue on the families of Riverdale. But with that said…


1) The mystery. I know, contradict myself much? I’m addressing this to one specific episode – Episode 12. I don’t hate the choice of Jason’s murderer – in fact, I like that it stayed true to the general plot (ahem, How to Get Away with Murder I’m looking at ya). What I didn’t enjoy so much was the reveal. Which was so, so anticlimactic. There were so many loopholes in the episode, and also, what was with the unnecessary double scenes of the kids’ reactions to the reveal? To me, the murderer made sense, but the process to solving the mystery was one convoluted mess.

2) The acting and the dialogue. I’m just going to put this out there. I can’t stand the dialogue. It’s the reason why I initially couldn’t get through the first episode. The dialogue is so cliched and cringey that it makes me want to claw my ears out. And I do believe that having to deliver such awful lines impacted the acting. The terrible the line is, the terrible the acting gets.

3) Ms Grundy. I think I speak for everyone when I say Ms Grundy is the worst. And the way her storyline played out was equally awful. It was such a frustrating and revolting side narrative, which then again emphasises Archie’s idiocy. I can’t, and still don’t, understand the lack of repercussions in this entire story arc, and I hope we never have to revist this ever. Ever!

All in all, I have very mixed feelings about Riverdale‘s first season. There were some really good parts, but there were also many frustrating moments. To top it off, I’m going to miss Ross Butler’s Reggie. So here’s an amazing deleted scene for everyone who feels the same.

Have you been keeping up with Riverdale? Can’t wait for season 2? Wish Ms Grundy will just disappear into the face of this earth? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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