I didn’t bathe in Bath

I had a few options to title this post. “Have you taken your Bath?” and “Bed, Bath, and Beyond” were strong contenders.

I should be banned from life for my terrible puns.

Anyhoo, on a particular Sunday, I took a day trip down to Bath with a couple of friends. We were pretty lucky to catch an incredible street performance. He was doing acrobatics up a pole, and his final act was diving headfirst from the top of the pole into a bucket of water on the ground. It was pretty amazing.performer

We then walked around and visited the Roman Baths. Bath has this rustic quality to it which I really love. I just love stone/brick tiling so much. abbeyWe actually joined a walking tour while in Bath but escaped halfway through because there were too many people on the tour and we couldn’t hear anything the guide said. There were so many participants, in fact, that we had no chance to even get close to the guide. So we just left without informing him. We were such assholes.

We also had a lot of time left as our return train was at 7pm. After this trip, I learned not book a train so late on a Sunday, because most of the shops in town will probably be closed by 4-5pm. However, we managed to pop by the famous Sally Lunn in Bath for a quick tea break.

IMG_6874 copy
Check out dem buns

We went for The World Famous Sally Lunn Cream Tea set and a classic Queen Victoria’s Tea – one was with strawberry jam while the other was with lemon curd. The buns were a fantastic pick-me-up for the long afternoon ahead.

We spent the rest of our time in Bath walking around, buying *a lot* of fudge, and we even saw a horse pulling a carriage! And that was our short day trip to Bath. I wanted to revisit Bath during the Christmas season and check out its Christmas market (which I heard is amazing), but alas, I didn’t manage to — which I really regretted! Nonetheless, Bath was a beautiful town for a short day trip!

IMG_6839 copy

“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
― Charles Bukowski


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