May: the month of liking stuff

I don’t find favourites every month – mainly because I’m quite the hermit and also very thrifty at times. Essentially the winning combo of trying to be a blogger.

But I actually have quite a selection of stuff I’ve been liking for the past month. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve been travelling and thus, have more opportunities to try new things. Is this me trying to change my life around?

Without further preamble (because it really can get ridiculously long), I shall kick off this favourites post with what’s truly the most important thing to me:


Carman’s Nut Bar 

P1170484 copy.jpgI’ve recently returned from an almost 2-week-long trip to Australia (which I will be blogging about – check out the first installment of my Tasmania road trip here if you haven’t already!). As I’ve mentioned in that post, we skipped many of our lunches, and a full-day drive to the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, was no exception. My friend, who’s studying in Melbourne too, was kind enough to bring us some granola bars and biscuits for the drive. And I fell in love.

With the granola bar. Just to be clear. And the biscuits too.

I tried one of the Carman’s Nut Bar in the flavour Greek Style Yoghurt & Blueberry and immediately bought a whole box the next day. The Nut Bar has a variety of nuts and seeds, and they are perfectly paired with blueberries and a yoghurt drizzle that gives the bar a slight sweetness. I enjoyed the Nut Bar so much I bought two other flavours when I returned back to Singapore: the Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond Bars and the Greek Style Yoghurt Fruit and Nut Bars (ok, this is technically the same flavour but with more oats). I’ll be trying them out soon, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be equally delicious. Regardless, if you’re looking for a good on-the-go snack, I’ll definitely recommend the Carman’s Nut Bar range!

Weet-Bix GO Breakfast Biscuits in Wild Berry Flavour Burst

P1170481 copy.jpgBefore I go on about the biscuits, let me just put this out there: I think that the Weet-Bix cereal itself looks like the worst thing you could ever eat. I almost bought them for breakfast in Australia as they were one of the cheapest choices, but chickened out right at the cashier because I just couldn’t.

But with that said, the breakfast biscuits? I like. I like a lot. These biscuits were the second food item my friend shared with us for the drive, and they filled me up real good. There are 5 packets in the box, and each individual packet contains 4 biscuits. Value! Value $$$$. All about making the most out of my monies. Yes, the biscuits themselves are still a little dry, but that little pop of berries really help sweeten the pot. Again, this makes for a fantastic snack. Just be sure to have a bottle of water beside you (I heard this goes well with coffee too!).


Benefit | the Porefessional

P1170476 copy.jpgYou know how I once said I couldn’t see any difference this made to my skin? I take that back. I take it all back! I have slandered your name and I apologise. Like I’ve mentioned, I brought this to Australia to use, and ohhhhhhh my. I have such humongous pores on my nose, but after applying this I actually saw my pores being filled up. It was glorious.

The Face Shop | Blackhead Out Charcoal Nose Strips / Jeju Volcanic Lava Volcanic Ash Nose Strips*

P1170480 copy.jpgI forgot how much I loved using this until that one night when I ripped a patch off my nose and almost all my blackheads came out with it. What you do is to wet your nose, paste a patch on, and take it off about 10-15 minutes later. Yes, ripping it off can be a little painful, but I kinda like the feeling. And seeing all the pesky blackheads gone? A double plus for me! However, I don’t recommend using this too frequently (also because there are only 7 strips in each pack) – maybe once or twice a month on a deep-cleanse day.

*Both variations of the strips are the same thing, but the Volcanic Ash Nose Strips pack is an easier option for me to purchase.

MISCELLANEOUS (Fashion, TV, Music)

Evil Eye Bracelets

P1170469 copy.jpgHands-down my favourite purchase of the month. I’ve been looking for evil-eye inspired jewellery for the longest time now, and I stumbled upon them while strolling mindlessly in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. These pieces come from a small shop called Trendy Creature that specialises in such minimalistic, effortless jewellery – almost Korean-inspired. I missed out on buying their rings which were equally dainty and stylish (their online shop doesn’t have the full selection, though). If you’re ever in Melbourne, pop by their shop at the first level of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre to check them out!

Black Mirror (TV)

Black Mirror is one of the most intensely thought-provoking shows I’ve watched in a very long while. Every episode, although standalone, just seems to get better and better. I’m currently done with the first 2 seasons, which can I just say: 3 episodes per season is nOT ENOUGH. I’m not too huge a fan of sci-fi shows, but Black Mirror fuses sci-fi with a sense of urgency and relevancy to the current societal climate. I wouldn’t be too surprised if society does evolve into the way Black Mirror is depicting it… In fact, we might even have one foot through the door by now. But without getting too philosophical about it, if you’re looking for a good thriller drama – or even watching something without commitment – do give Black Mirror a shot. Or if you’re just looking for a darn good show in general, because Black Mirror is bound to blow your mind.

Arctic Monkeys – When the Sun Goes Down (Music)

Okay, first off, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL? This song was first released ELEVEN YEARS AGO?! I heard this song on Spotify a few days ago and was immediately hooked, and I just did a quick YouTube search of it before typing this little section and found out that this song is pretty old. WHAT? Also, look at me being sooo diligent with my research. Okay, but seriously, hot damn.

This song reminded me of the theme song of Misfits for some reason, and while I was doing my piss-poor research, I also found out that Kelly (Lauren Socha) from Misfits is actually in the video herself. Regardless, I can’t help bopping my head when the beat comes on (and fantasise about smashing things…). I need help.

MAX – Lights Down Low (Music)

This is such a good love song. There’s an alternative version featuring gnash, but I recommend you check out the one with just MAX himself because his vocals are so hauntingly soft and beautiful (it’s the one I’ve linked above!)

And that’s all I have! What have some of your favourites been lately? Let me know… while I return to catching up on more Black Mirror… then re-evaluate my whole life existence…


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