I might have a crush on Gal Gadot…

… basically just like everyone else.

IMG_1604 2 copy.jpgIt’s been too long since I last went to the theatres to catch a movie. Or drawn. Or done anything, truthfully.

But I managed to drag my lazy ass to catch Wonder Woman, and boy oh boy, what a ride that was.

There are many things to like about Wonder Woman. For one, Gal Gadot. In particular, Gal Gadot’s chemistry with Chris Pine is magnetic. You’ll definitely end up rooting for them throughout the movie.

But what is truly incredible about the film is its fighting scenes. First off, I really appreciate how most of the Amazonian women are real-life athletes. But the fight sequences are truly energetic and fun, and to be honest, I almost shed a tear watching Wonder Woman kick some ass. At first, I couldn’t understand why. In fact, I thought I was crazy until I read that many women actually had a similar reaction. Also, the fact that Gal Gadot was pregnant doing her reshoots? Incredible.

Besides the physical stuff, I just love how the character of Wonder Woman develops. I think that it’s important that strength does not only mean physical prowess but the ability to be emotionally strong (and that means being vulnerable, too). And we have a lead who’s just that. And it’s so, so… wonderful.

However, no movie is without faults, and one of the biggest problems I had was how the movie bordered on being too cliched in its third act. The plot, additionally, became a little too convoluted – specifically the Ares storyline. I definitely wouldn’t have minded if that particular arc carried forward to subsequent Wonder Woman movies, but I understand why they’d want to tie up all story threads. I just didn’t care for it being in this film, that’s all.

All in all, I really enjoyed Wonder Woman, and I think it’s a fantastic film for anyone, and everyone, to watch. So if you haven’t already, the weekends are fast approaching!

Have you gotten a chance to catch Wonder Woman yet? How did you like it? Also, I’ll be catching The Mummy this weekend and will be excited to share my thoughts on it as well (I’m actually getting out of the house again — now that’s what I call progress!)


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