Goodbye monies: Sephora private sale haul + first impressions

… aka how I can’t do anything right.

Sephora Singapore had a private 20% sale for black and gold card holders recently, and you bet I’d take advantage of that. But alas, I surprise myself every time at how inept I am at life.

TL;DR: I fucked up.

I was away during most of the sale period and only returned home about 30 minutes before the sale ended. I actually waited almost 4 whole days before I made my purchase! Talk about patience! When I reached home, I immediately switched on my laptop and proceeded to check out the items in my wishlist. But of course, silly me forgot to enter the promotion code, and I ended up getting all the items at full price. Full. Price.

So much for patience being a virtue.

To make matters worse, in my haste I accidentally installed a malware into my laptop. In less than 3 months of using it. Obviously keeping up my streak at not being able to coexist with technology. I really need to know: why am I the way I am?

So without further preamble – because I really do digress – I got a couple of items for my dying skin and also a makeup loot. P1170379.JPGI was previously using the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief for my nightly moisturiser and I really liked it (I might be doing an empties post once I’ve collated enough finished products!). Anyway, instead of repurchasing that, I decided to go with the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel as I heard many good things about it. This product actually has a gel and lotion form – the former is more suited for combination/oily skin, while the latter is targeted towards dry/dry combination skin.

Pyjama time

The Dramatically Different Moisture Gel feels very lightweight on my face. Might I say it feels even lighter on my face than the Moisture Surge. Because the Moisture Gel is lightweight, I find that it is a good moisturiser for my morning routine and under my makeup. It’s not that sticky and absorbs pretty quickly into my skin, so I still like to use a primer over it.Similar to my situation with face moisturisers, I have also run out of eye creams. I’ve yet to find an eye cream that can help alleviate my dark circles. However, to be fair, I understand that my dark circles will never disappear because my go-to look is the walking dead.

Regardless, I bought the Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream in hopes of having some kind of change in my dark circles. I had a hard time deciding whether to purchase this or the Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream, but I heard that the Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream had a much thicker consistency that some people found too difficult to work with. If you’ve tried the Ceramide version, please let me know your thoughts – or if you have a better recommendation for eye creams, that’d be extra amazing!

Yes, I’m wearing yet another pyjamas

With the Hyaluronic Eye Cream, a little definitely goes a long way. I’ve been using it the way I usually do with my eye creams – dabbing it along my eyes and then rubbing the product into the skin. The product also absorbs well into the skin throughout the night, but as of now, it hasn’t done much to my eye rings. I also like using it under my makeup. Concealer under my eye is always patchy because that area is pretty dry, but applying concealer on top of the eye cream helps my concealer blend out really smoothly!Finally, I got my first eyeshadow palette! This is probably what I’m most excited about. Yes, I know I’ve once mentioned that I don’t usually wear eyeshadows, but I just can’t. resist. tarte. tarteCan we all just take a moment to admire how beautiful the shade ‘crush’ is? In the palette, it doesn’t look too impressive, but once I swatched it on my hand I was so taken aback by how gorgeous it looked. The lightest shades, ‘whisper’ and ‘wink’ felt incredibly buttery, while ‘heartbreaker’ and ‘bff’ were less so. Regardless, all the shades are very pigmented and easy to blend.

I haphazardly threw them onto my lids just to try them out, and I noticed that there was no fallout under my eyes!

I was so half-assed with this makeup look that I didn’t even bother concealing my Rudolph’s nose.

Also, I realised while editing this photo that I subconsciously used tarte products for both my cheeks and lips as well. On my cheeks I have the tarte Colour Wheel Amazonian Clay Blush Palette, and on my lips, I applied a Tarteist Lip Paint. I can’t seem to find the shade name, but it came in a set with the Tarteist Lip Crayon in the shade Latergram. My obsession with tarte is pretty hardcore.

This palette is small enough to not make me feel overwhelmed, yet at the same time, I think it could really handy for both minimalistic and dramatic looks. Either way, I’m really liking it so far and can’t wait to try it out more!

I was also planning to get a pair of Tweezerman eyelash curlers but it was sold out by the time I got to making my purchase. So I’m still on the lookout for good eyelash curlers, and if you have any recommendations, do share them with me. My eyelashes are so straight and short I’m giving up hope that anything can save them anymore.

But that’s all I have for my Sephora Private Sale haul! It’s a really teeny weeny haul, but I’m a #firstworldbrokebitch so…

Have you tried out any of these products before? Let me know how you liked them! Also is there anything else you’d recommend I try out too? I’m still pretty new at this makeup thing so I’d love to hear your suggestions. 🙂


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