Why can’t I have a proper favourites post?

“A mess” is how I would characterise my favourites post for this month. I usually include a variety of things that I can place into specific categories, but this month I’ve just been liking really random things.

So instead of placing them into categories – because why bother, really? – I’ll just present them the way my mind works aka all over the place.

1) The Body Shop’s Tea Tree OilIMG_1913 copyI’ll be posting a review about The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil later this week, but to cut things short, this works like a charm. It speeds up the process of deswelling for my pimples, and while it doesn’t clear blemishes, there’s nothing a little concealer can’t hide.

2) Hasan Minhaj’s Homecoming KingHasan-MinhajThe Daily Show with Trevor Noah is one of my go-to programmes to either start my day off or end my night. And if you haven’t heard of Hasan Minhaj, he is a correspondent on The Daily Show and has also recently hosted the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. While the latter is amazing and definitely worth a watch, it’s his Netflix special, Homecoming King, that really hit all the right notes. Homecoming King presents such an effective blend of comedy and pathos, and it is the kind of reflective humour we all need in order to understand more about ourselves and about the people around us. I can’t get enough, and definitely can’t wait to see more from Hasan Minhaj.

3) Would I Lie To You?Wouldilietoyou.jpgSpeaking of comedies, I have once gushed about my love for the British comedy panel show The Big Fat Quiz of EverythingNow I’m back with another because the British just gets humour so. right. Be prepared for absurd anecdotes that you’d never believe to be true – and then be blown away if it is. I’ve been religiously watching compilations of the series which this channel on YouTube marvellously offers. Since the series has been ongoing for so long, this is my preferred way of watching so that I know I’m getting the best bits!

4) Sasha Velour

“I believe drag is a form of activism. It centers queer people and queer ways of being beautiful, especially in a political context where beauty is narrowly defined or what’s considered important or valuable is narrowly defined, and drag always offers a different option.” – Sasha Velour

Rpdr9SASHASomething just took my breath away the first time I saw a picture of Sasha Velour. And to understand what drag means to her over the course of RuPual’s Drag Race has been truly inspiring to watch. Besides that, she is such an artistic and creative soul that the word “uniqueness” wholly encapsulates who she is. Without a doubt, one of my favourite queens and favourite person to watch.

5) Gudetama socksgudetamaQuickly shifting gears from activism to frivolity, I present to you my Gudetama socks. These were a gift from a friend, and now I can go to work cooler than I’ve ever been.

6) Yayoi Kusama: Life is the Heart of a RainbowIMG_1702I’ve recently blogged about my experience at the Yayoi Kusama exhibition held in the National Gallery, Singapore (you can read about it here), and all I have to say is that I’m still very much in awe. So much so that I’ll definitely be visiting it again sometime this/next month. Also, I’ve finally gotten around to ordering her autobiography Infinity Net, which again I’ve spoken about before. So more Yayoi for me, which is always great!

All in all, I’ve been largely inspired by many random things floating around the universe and they remind me that beautiful things can still come out of the worst situations :’-))))

What are some things you’ve been liking?


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