The clear skin life: The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil review

We all expect to go on holiday looking ~fly~, but sometimes life happens and your skin starts experiencing all levels of hell. Pretty much sums me up.

Let me just tell you this – hot summer days at the beach and makeup definitely do not go hand-in-hand. Oh, the things we do for beauty. In protest, my skin broke out pretty badly, and rightfully so.

So while hanging out at the Duty Free section on our way home – like one does – I decided to purchase The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil (among many other things) in hopes to save my dying skin. And I was pleasantly surprised. FullSizeRender 2 copy.jpgRecently, my skin has been changing and my pimples have been taking an extremely long time to clear out. What can I say? My face is just the perfect spot for pimples to hang out in ginormous lumps. But The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil has been solving this problem, a small step at a time.

With The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil, I noticed that my pimples have been swelling down at a slightly faster rate. (Of course, I don’t expect a product to miraculously heal everything that’s wrong with my skin. I’ll admit that I have very low expectations when using a product – I just use whatever’s around, unless it’s an absolute garbage product, which this isn’t.) Do note that this doesn’t clear blemishes (at least not for me) – it just reduces swelling.

Besides that, it is non-sticky on the face, which I appreciate. It has an organic-smelling scent that isn’t too harsh – of course, since The Body Shop prides itself on using natural ingredients. You only have to put the product onto the problem area, so this little bottle can definitely go a long way. And if your pimple is a little inflamed, be prepared for it to sting.

Getting the oil out of the bottle can get a little tricky, which I think is my biggest peeve with this product. The liquid often gets stuck in the stopper – why??!?!?!! But, what I find works best for me is by leaving a tiny bit of space between my finger and the stopper so that air can push the oil out, while I can catch the little bit of product that I need. So with regards to the packaging? Not a huge fan.

All in all, I really enjoy using this little thing, and major bonus points for it being able to last so long (again, I’m all about maximising da $$monies$$).reviewSo what do you think about The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil if you’ve tried it? What other good products targeting blemishes do you know of/are currently using?

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil retails for USD10 at The Body Shop, or you can get it here


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