‘Get Out’ needs to GTFO with how good it is

If there’s one genre of film I absolutely love, it’d be horror. And boy oh boy what a ride Get Out is! Easily one of the best movies I’ve seen this year (and yes, I know this post is a little belated but this film still remains extremely relevant. Sue me!)

Of course, in my film reviews, I like to keep it relatively spoiler-free but sometimes I just can’t help it, ok? OK? So, spoiler alert. Or, if you can’t handle that, then GET OUT. (jk pls stay) get-out-mainstage-dated-58828bab73e20-1Get Out is written and directed by Jordan Peele (from MadTV and Key & Peele!) and it stars Daniel Kaluuya and Alison Williams. In a nutshell, the couple Chris (Kaluuya) and Rose (Williams) go on a trip to visit Rose’s family and shit hits the fan real quick.

If you’re looking for a good thriller, look no further than Get Out. It’s incredible how Jordan Peele manages to build up such a claustrophobic atmosphere when needed, and sustain an unsettling vibe throughout the whole film. One effective way he does so is through music. I love how the music/sound effect choices are not ridiculously obnoxious (ahem, The Mummy). Instead, the score just creeps up on you and surrounds you with this inescapable tension.

But what really sold the eerieness is the acting. And boy is the acting impeccable. First off, I have to say that Daniel Kaluuya is brilliant and I truly can’t wait to see what else comes from him. If you haven’t already, catch him in the second episode of the first season of Black Mirror (that’s a mouthful) because he gives such a riveting performance. But I have to say: hats off to Alison Williams. There’s a particular scene in the final act of the film where she is so emotionally-charged when speaking to Chris’s friend, Rod (Lil Rey Howery), and it blew my socks off. There are many unforgettable sequences in Get Out, and that is definitely one of them.

What I really want to get into is the final scene, and like I’ve said, I will keep it highly spoiler-free. I read that there were many alternative endings to Get Out, but all in all, I am extremely satisfied with this final, theatrical ending. It was an ending that still manages to remind you of the horrors that still exist. Things are not resolute, but not frustratingly so – like what many horror films tend to do. And I think that’s why Get Out is so effective. Even with a somewhat ludicrous twist, it still maintains a sense of authenticity to the current society and feels so real.

All in all, I was drowning in the glory that is Get Out, and I can’t recommend this film enough. Get out your DVDs and (re)watch this film now!


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