How I look human every day

I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I look like a zombie without makeup on, and I can’t say I disagree. I mean, have you seen the state of my dark circles? They. Are. Frightful.

Besides that, I just really like wearing makeup – even though I do the same makeup routine to my face every single time. IMG_1784 copy.jpgI take 15 minutes to put my face on because I’m slow as fuck. I’m serious. And I’m most certain you’d agree with me once you’re done with this post because I really don’t do much to my face.

Also, just a side note: many (if not all) of these items have actually been mentioned before in previous posts because my broke ass just can’t afford the #instagrambeauty life. *cries in first-world poor* IMG_1848 copy.jpg

1) Primer | Sephora Base Lissante Smoothing Primer

I slather this mainly over my cheeks – for what reason? No one knows. I used to apply primer over my nose too, but my nose has been so clogged recently that I’ve stopped putting any products over it. (However, I might have stumbled across a skincare product that has actually minimised my pores. I’ll have to play around with that a little more first but I’m very sure it’ll be a fav!)

2) Concealer | Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 25 Medium (under-eye) & Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hr Concealer in Medium/Beige (blemishes)

I don’t use the SuperStay concealer under my eyes because it’s a little too dark and oxidises on my skin. But since I’ve gotten fairly tanned over the holidays, it works great for covering up blemishes. I would say that it gives a medium coverage?

3) Powder | Maybelline New York Fit Me! Powder in 220 Natural Beige

I used to dislike the Maybelline Fit Me powder because I thought it made me look really orange (then again, I did choose this particular shade so it’s my fault to begin with). But again, now that I’ve gotten tanned, I love using this to set my face, especially my under-eye area – it lasts for close to 12 hours under my eyes!

4) Eyebrows | NYX Micro Brow Pencil in 08 Black/Noir


5) Bronzer | Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder in Medium Bronze

Catrice is a really affordable makeup brand, and I love sweeping this bronzing powder on my cheeks, temples, and neck. Although it’s in Medium Bronze, it looks pretty subtle because of my tan (bet ya sick of reading this again). But that’s how I like it since this is an everyday makeup look.

6) Highlight | Essence Shading Powder in Medium

I love highlighting under my brow bone, and the highlight in the Essence Shading Powder can be quite subtle with a light hand – but definitely buildable! Sometimes I highlight my cheeks too, but not today – so the shine is really just oil.

7) Eyelashes | Benefit Roller Lash in Black / Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

I reach for the Essence Lash Princess mascara on days when I bother to curl my lashes, and the Benefit Roller Lash for other days. The Essence Lash Princess really gives me voluminous lashes, while the Benefit Roller Lash focuses more on giving me length.

8) Lips | Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in 06 Barely There

I mean, a nude lipstick is the perfect topping to an everyday makeup look. This lipstick has a cool undertone which matches my outfit, so that’s gr888.

9) Setting Spray | NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray Matt Finish

I finish everything by drowning my face in this.

IMG_1785 copy.jpgIf you’ve noticed, I don’t use foundation because I don’t think I’ll like having a face full of makeup all day, every day, and like I said, I skipped highlight today, but the highlight life never leaves me (thanks, oil).

So now you know why this doesn’t justify me taking 15 minutes to get ready every day. Regardless, I find it a 15 minute well spent to not get on with my day resembling the walking dead. How long do you normally take to put your makeup on?


2 thoughts on “How I look human every day

    1. that’s such a sweet thing to say! you rly made my day xx

      i actually do have quite a bit of blemishes on my skin… don’t believe everything you see on the internet!! hahahaha and i don’t rly know how to make up + i’m just too lazy to be #extra.

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