Beaux endroits à voir

No shame in admitting I took my title off Google Translate.

What I hope it translates to, if you don’t know French like I do, is “beautiful places to see.” And if you haven’t caught on yet, yes, in France. Or more precisely, Paris.

I was lucky enough to get to visit Paris a couple of times, and while both experiences gave me totally different vibes, I still highly enjoyed my time in Paris. I daresay I now understand why many romanticise Paris, while conversely many who think Paris is… “overrated.” Of course, by writing this post,

Of course, by writing this post, you know where I stand. Just to note, some of these places I’ve indeed visited, while some I wished I’d make time to go. – yes, we’ve reached the end of my rambling. –

1) Saint-ChapelleP1150955 copyThere are MANY cathedrals all around Europe, not just Paris, and there’s just no way you can visit Paris without heading to one. So, of course, I have to start with my favourite: Sainte-Chapelle. My god, is this cathedral breathtaking. The stained glass windows are an absolute marvel.

Be sure to find the staircase leading up to this sight instead of wandering around the dark basement for a good 10-15 minutes feeling dejected and cheated like the fool I was.

2) Musée de l’Orangerie

Louvre, schooz. Unless you’re a ginormous lover of art, or have too much time to spend in Paris, my personal recommendation is to skip the Louvre and head to the smaller art museums instead. The Louvre was incredibly overwhelming, while Mona Lisa was, conversely… Well, you can fill in the blanks yourself.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to check Musée de l’Orangerie out, which was such a waste. Musée de l’Orangerie is a good, I would say 15?, minutes walk away from the Louvre, and it houses (the ever-Instagram friendly) Monet’s water lilies. If I ever get to return to Paris, this will definitely be one of my first stops.

3) MontmartreP1150966.JPGThe Montmartre walking tour I took was definitely one of the best decisions we made in Paris. We went for it not expecting much, but I left with such a happy heart. Montmartre has such a charm to it – from Moulin Rouge to Van Gogh’s old apartment – it was really a dream to me. Also, I tried escargots for the first time there! And also ate too many potatoes while we were at it.

4) Palace of VersaillesP1160454 copyI thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Palace of Versailles. So much so that I found it such a pity I didn’t visit in spring/summer, when the garden would be in full bloom. The Palace of Versailles screams of opulence, and half the time I was wondering: “Was all these really necessary?! Really?!” Of course, that was just me being bitter. Regardless, the Palace of Versailles is such grand splendour, and definitely worth checking out.

5) Balls

I know, what the fuck?

Just hear me out. This is technically not a place to sight-see, but I had such an incredible dinner there that I haven’t been able to forget about it ever since. So much so that I even searched high and low for their recipe book but it was entirely in French. So, #fml.

Balls is a small dining place that serves… balls. The name’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? Well, fine, meatballs, if you are being pedantic. All I can say is, if you like being a little hipster while eating some balls, this is definitely the place for you. Fo’ sho.

So these are the top 5 places I’d love to visit/return to if I ever am so lucky to go to Paris again. Of course, there are many other cities and towns in France that I’d love to go -Mont Saint-Michel being at the top of my ambitious list. What do you think I should check out in Paris, or France in general?


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