Thankful for being smole

We all try to see things positively every day, but some days every little thing that goes wrong just amplifies in your head and you end the day wondering: “why does life hate me?”

Today was one of those days.

It actually started throughout last night when I excitedly tried out a new lip mask and ended up having my lips burning all night long. Those who know better would have forced themselves to get out of bed and clean the product off. I clearly am not one of those people.

Instead, I forced myself to sleep through the pain and deservedly woke up with red, hot, swollen lips. Kylie Jenner, what’s good?

In fact, they are still a little swollen. Remind me never to be vain again.

Then, it was my coming home from work that sucked all the energy out of me. It’s a tricky business getting home. I have a shuttle bus that ferries me straight to my house, but the service ends at 745 pm. Being the entitled monster I am, you bet I’m taking the bus home every night. IMG_1966.jpgBefore I’m able to board the bus though, I have to endure almost an hour long of public transport. If you stay in an overpopulated metropolis, having your face smashed against the train doors is an unavoidable business. And the journey home utterly convinced me that the universe didn’t want me to go home. With a combination of repeatedly failing to enter the gantry, being forced to miss a couple of trains, fault escalators, and just lethargy as a whole, missing my bus home would have just broken me.

Unsurprisingly, the last train I had to take was packed to the brim. But as luck would have it, I actually managed to slot my whopping 153 cm (5 ft) tall body into an almost negligible gap, allowing my aching and failing body to finally have some respite in the comfort of my shuttle bus. And now, home.

So, what is the point of this post, really? None, I’ll admit. I just wanted to be thankful for something – in this case, my stunted growth – in a day where everything feels like it went to shit.

So, thank you, me, for being a smole human bean.


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