Gone but not forgotten: TV favourites

I watch A LOT of TV – yes, including trashy reality TV. But the true test of commitment is sticking to a TV series till its very end. Even if it’s garbage (yes, you, Pretty Little Liars).

I do this strange thing whereby I love rewatching TV series I’ve watched before if I’m in the mood to catch something new. Now that’s irony. Which also means I start from its first season till its very last. And here are 5 of my favourite shows of all time.

But with that said, I love watching TV and definitely have more than 5 favourite series. Also, I’ll only be focusing on shows that have actually aired their series finales aka no Game of Thrones. 

Another side note because I digress too much: I actually had this post scheduled for next week, but in light of some news I heard over the weekend, I thought it would be more appropriate to have this post pushed ahead.

1) Breaking Bad617964Let’s just start with a critic’s favourite because I wanna be pretentious like that. Breaking Bad is a work of art. I love its smart storytelling, and also how smart it is stylistically. The performance of Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White, is a tour de force. What’s more impressive is its self-control – meaning it knows when to end (again, I’m calling you out PLL. Thanks for taking away 7 years of my life!!!!).

My favourite moments definitely include the pizza on the roof (iconic) and a particular death scene in Season 4 (equally iconic, but it’s too much of a spoiler and I’m not down with that life).

2) Desperate Housewives123tqo3MY GUILTY PLEASURE UMMMMMFFFFF. Desperate Housewives was a whopping 8 seasons, and I’ve rewatched this about 3-4 times now. This was the show that truly made me want to live in the suburbs. Strange, considering all the drama and scandal. And I just found out THERE’S A DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES GAME IN THE APP STORE?! Sign mE UP, FAM.

Besides that, Desperate Housewives is actually really funny. There are many things to love about the dialogue in this show. Yes, it gets a little soap opera-ish, but who doesn’t love drama?!

3) Bates Motelfile_748190_batesThis is the show that actually inspired this post. I love the works of Alfred Hitchcock, and of course, I love Psycho. Bates Motel acts as a modern-day prequel to Psycho – about how Norman Bates came to become the Norman Bates we know of in Hitchcock’s film. If you think the premise sounds a little iffy (modern-day Psycho, what?!), don’t worry, I did too. But boy, I am obsessed with this show. Bates Motel is equal parts intriguing, tragic, and creepy, and the end result is simply brilliance.

Also, the performances in this show, particularly by Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore (!!!) – who play Norma Bates and Norman Bates respectively – are impeccable. Additionally, if you like reading reviews, I highly recommend checking out The AV Club episodic reviews of Bates Motel. I’ve never enjoyed reading reviews as much as I have with The AV Club’s.

4) True Bloodtv_true_blood01And this is the show that prompted me to schedule this post ahead. The news of Nelsan Ellis’s passing this weekend deeply upset me. Lafayette was, beyond a doubt, my absolute favourite character in True Blood, and provided us with much laughter and heart. With that said, my deepest condolences.

True Blood is one of the two vampire-related shows I truly (ha ha) enjoy. But like many shows, it plateaued towards the end. Nevertheless, if you enjoy steamy and gory shows, True Blood is definitely one for you. Also, Alexander Skarsgård, man. OoOooOh boy. Many of my favourite moments in True Blood actually involve death, so I’ll just leave you with this iconic (death-free) diner scene. Tip your waitress.

5) Buffy the Vampire Slayermv5by2mwogiyzgytnzgxzc00n2q5ltllyjitm2u4mtkwmdbjyzuyxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynza5njuynjm-_v1_uy268_cr00182268_al_Of course, this has to be the second vampire show I love. Buffy is the OG, man. Again, I love shows that nicely balance drama and comedy, and the writing in Buffy the Vampire Slayer is so smart. Hush is, without a doubt, one of my favourite episodes on TV. And I will always and forever be #teamspike. Bite me.

Like I said, I have more than 5 favourite TV series that I love re-watching over and over again. This is how I spend my days as a hermit. I just love TV so dang much. What shows do you love?


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