Planning my life is messy business

Getting this bullet journal up and running can be succinctly summed up with this: The struggle is real.

For one, my local art supply store does not sell proper dotted journals. I ended up purchasing a plain book, but drawing straight lines IS SUCH A BITCH. I cannot stress this enough. It… It just took all the life I had in me… I couldn’t do it any longer… No… Longer…

So, I did the sensible thing and went online to purchase a decent dotted journal. I saw a cheap deal and took advantage of it. Alas, it turned out to be a book that was even smaller than my palm. What was I supPOSED TO JOURNAL IN THAT? Nobody appreciates my idiocy more than I do. #allaboutthatselflove

Anyhoo, little old me finally got my shit figured out, so here’s presenting my August bullet journal set-up (rejoice, rejoice!): IMG_2123 copy.jpgI went for a simple design because I can’t art all that much and I knew I that I couldn’t possibly fuck this up – because let’s face it, I can’t trust myself to do things right.

Also, it just goes to show that you can create a bullet journal even if you’re just perfectly average.IMG_2124 copy.jpgI also did something different this month as compared to my previous months: including a schedule for my blog. Of course, nothing is planned out yet because my bullet journal is just a farce for my disorganisation!!!IMG_2131 copyIMG_2129 copyAnd here is my weekly log devoted to showing me just how much time I spend at work, all day, every day.

Honestly, my bullet journal is nothing fancy, but this is the first month where I actually managed to get it looking like a proper organiser… with STRAIGHT LINES.

And yes, maybe it’s not the best idea to do a bujo post when I already have my life planned out in it, but again, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life. #choices

How’s your August looking up?


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