Creams for snails: Korean skincare & beauty haul

The sound of “snail creams” may be a little off-putting, but I like to think that there is always a reason why stuff is made.

Snail mucin is said to “increase skin vitality and enhance natural glow,” and with the tragic state of my face right now, I’m up for anything. Hence, I recently purchased two of such snail-related products from a Korean brand, Mizon, and added yet another lipstick from RUE KWAVE to my collection while I was at it. IMG_2543 copy.jpgFirstly, we have the Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream, made with 92% snail extract to “promote skin repair.” It’s quite a lightweight cream and pretty liquidy, and it kinda smells like soy bean (but my description of scents is wack so don’t take my word for it). All I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t smell awful.

I have been using it as my nightly moisturiser, and it soaks beautifully into the skin by morning. I haven’t used it long enough to see any noticeable difference, so I’ll leave it till a review post to give my full opinions about this. But so far, I haven’t been waking up looking like a grease cake, so that’s a plus.

I also decided to get another popular product, the Snail Repair Eye Cream, which has a similar lightweight texture, but definitely smells a lot more pleasant than the previous product. It also comes with a spatula if you like being all fancy when applying skincare. The eye cream is said to hydrate, brighten, and reduce fine lines, so let’s all pray that there is finally some hope for my eye circles which are darker than my soul.

One thing I have to say about the two products is that the packaging feels so sturdy and pretty luxurious. I reckon I could hit someone with the bottle and leave them with a bruise.

I mean, I won’t. But still.IMG_2553 copy.jpgLast but not least, I got the RUE KWAVE Action Melting Moisture Lipstick in BR804 Trench Rose, and it has A MAGNETIC CAP AYYYYYY BBBBBBBBBY. Also, how pretty is this packaging?

This lipstick definitely feels and looks moisturising on the lips. And while the colour is a little more pink than I expected, I think it’s still a lovely lipstick to throw on the go. But because it’s so wet, it does transfer and can smear easily on your face if you’re not careful while eating.

BUT A MAGNETIC CAP THOUGH. IMG_2547 copy.jpgAlso, I forgot to mention the amount of FREE SAMPLES (!!!!) that came with the Mizon order. I mean, look at this. It’s insane! I have 2 packs of Nourishing Masks, three extra samples of the Snail Repair Cream, and a gazillion Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule, which is a serum. Ugh, just take all my monies.

And that’s it for my mini Korean beauty haul. I think I might make a semi-permanent shift to Korean skincare if my skin doesn’t get better in the following weeks, and I’d love to know what other good skincare products I should use. Also, if you’ve used these snail cream products before, let me know your thoughts!


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