I finally haz Colourpop in my life!!!

THE DAY HAS ARRIVED. Spring has sprung, the flowers are in bloom. We all feel alive!

I was in a pretty bad funk the past few weeks, and when I came home one day to see this gigantic box sitting prettily on my table, everything was right again! Yes, material possessions are the only things that make me happy. And dogs. Never forget dogs. IMG_2616 copyColourpop recently offered up to 5 limited edition, free goodies when you buy from them to celebrate hitting 5 million followers on Instagram. I saw an opportunity and grabbed it hard. I walked away with 4 of these items, along with many, many other products. It was such a steal, and all I can say is that I truly have no self-control.

These 4 limited edition products include: a Nine to Five Ultra Glossy Lip, High Five Super Shock Highlighter, Take Five Ultra Matte Lip, and Party of Five Super Shock Eyeshadow (gorgeous). I won’t delve into them too much because they are limited edition, and I’m not sure if Colourpop will ever bring them back (but they should!) IMG_2632 copy.jpgWhat I’m more excited to talk about are my other purchases, things that I’ve been eyeing for some time now but never gotten around to buying them! The Yes Please palette was still out of stock at that time (boo!) so I ended up with the Heavy Hitter Pressed Palette instead, which is a nude quad. The two shades in the middle are an absolute dream to look at. Untitled-2But the motherlode of my haul is definitely the lip products to add to my existing collection. I just love lipstick, alright?! We can never have too many lipsticks. When I first unboxed everything, I couldn’t help but laugh at how similar the shades I chose were. I can’t escape from the nude/mauve lipstick life. Untitled-1 copyFrom left to right, I have: Lumiere 2 Ultra Matte Lip, November Ultra Satin Lip, Calypso Ultra Satin Lip, and Viper Ultra Matte Lip, and just look aT THAT. For the purpose of keeping this post brief, I will save the lip swatches for another post, maybe?

Lastly, I have this baby here, which is the Over Brunch Lippie Kit. First of all, the box is so fucking cute. I love it. I’m sold. In it, you’ll find 6 Lippie Stix, ranging from nudes to berry shades. And I just can’t with these colours. I’m very sure I’ll never stop wearing them. IMG_2621 copyIMG_2623 copyIMG_2648 copyThey come in 3 different formulas – Matte, Matte X, and Creme – and all of them just glide on my hand so smoothly. For now, I enjoy how the Lippie Stix feel more than the liquid lipsticks, but testing them out on my lips might be different!

All of us now have a front row seat to witness just how out of control I am.

I definitely can’t wait to give all these products a whirl. What are some of your favourite Colourpop products?


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