I feel glorious, glorious: Soap & Glory bath & body products

I’ll just cut to the chase here – I fucking love Soap & Glory.

On top of Soap & Glory being a generally bomb ass brand all around, there’s just something about its packaging that makes my little pig heart squeal. It is extremely #aesthetics – so retro and of course, unashamedly pink. While the packaging is yummy on the eyes, the scents of Soap & Glory bath products are also pleasant on the nose. And they make your body feel like buttah, buttah. You win, Soap & Glory! IMG_2858 copyToday, I just want to talk about the four bath/body products I have been using every week because I’ve put this idea off for too long (and also because I just wanna have pretty pictures on my blog once more, ok?!)

The Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel has been the body wash I reach for every time I’m heading out. You can’t deny that most, if not all Soap & Glory products smell amazing – and this clearly does. And who doesn’t want to leave the house smelling like fairy farts? But on top of that, the body wash is so creamy and feels luxurious when applied to the skin, which is probably due to the fact that it contains a “built-in body lotion”. Me likey this a lot…ty. IMG_2861 copy.jpgThere was a period when I used the Soap & Glory’s The Righteous Butter every night for close to a month, and this little tub has surprisingly lasted even till today. It definitely has a sweeter scent to it, so I wouldn’t personally recommend using this on top of the Clean on Me shower gel unless you plan on sleeping with ants. This body butter soaks right into the skin and is not greasy at all, and I just enjoy it as a fuss-free, nightly body moisturiser.

Possibly one of Soap & Glory’s most famous products is the Hand Food Hand Cream. I have a slight issue with mine (perhaps I might have exposed it to the sun?), but mine seems to have congealed and the oil has separated from the cream. It does make me a little iffy to use it on my hands, so what I’ve done instead is to use it on the soles of my feet, and I go to bed every night with smooth, baby feet. IMG_2859 copy.jpgWhich brings me to the Heel Genius Foot Cream. This foot cream comes in a thicker consistency than the hand cream, and smells a tinge more medicinal too (but don’t worry, it’s still very much a pleasant, sweet scent). The foot cream has a thicker consistency and can feel a little sticky when walking barefooted with it, but it gets the job done, so who’s complaining?

I have another set of Soap & Glory products targeted at exfoliating, and if that’s something you’d like to read about, let ya girl know! How do you feel about Soap & Glory? Which products are your fav?


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