2017 Chrismas wishlist: MOOOORE BOOKS!!! (Part 2)

I don’t know how many times I have to reiterate that I clearly have an addiction to buying things, but I’ll just leave this post here to fully explain my condition.

So here goes, Part 2 of my never-ending list of wants ’cause I’m a greedy ass bitch:

1) Sorry to Disrupt the Peace by Patty Yumi Cottrell a1gx0zaoxplSorry to Disturb the Peace is about a middle-aged lady setting off to find the true reason for her adoptive brother’s suicide. I am always interested in books about loss, grief, and the search for identity and belonging, and Sorry to Disturb the Peace seems to check all these criteria.

2) The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas f043712f-4655-4c8a-b60f-fca1e4c6ca9fThe Hate U Give seems extremely relevant considering the current socio-political landscape, particularly in the United States. And it seems like a fantastic read at that, too.

“The truth casts a shadow over the kitchen—people like us in situations like this become hashtags, but they rarely get justice. I think we all wait for that one time though, that one time when it ends right.
Maybe this can be it.” – Angie Thomas, The Hate U Give

3) Identical by Ellen Hopkins 71plocw-n2lI admit, the intrigue I have for Identical is mainly due to this plot twist I keep hearing about. So, high expectations there.

On a side note, unpopular opinion alert, but I absolutely HATE it when people mention that a particular book/film has a plot twist. (I know I did it here so I seem extremely hypocritical, but I had to explain myself!!!) But knowing that a plot twist exists even before reading/watching kinda defeats the purpose of having the plot twist there, doesn’t it? ???????? ??????? ??

4) blud by Rachel McKibbens41awv7c-hgl-_sx331_bo1204203200_blud was a last minute addition to my ever-growing list – in fact, I discovered this book WHEN procrastinating writing this post. Roxane Gay left such a glowing review on this, and who is foolish enough doubt Roxane Gay herself?! Another book of poetry that is said to be difficult to avoid the “Sylvia Plath comparison“, so that’s saying something!

5) Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow by Anders Nilsen 163209I enjoy memoirs quite a bit, and Anders Nilsen’s is a collection of memorabilia that denotes the love between him and his fiance, Cheryl Weaver, who passed away from cancer in 2005. Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow progresses from early romance to detailing the final days of it.

Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow is a deeply personal romance, and a universal reminder of our mortality and the significance of the relationships we build.” – Goodreads

And I think this is a poignantly sweet note to end off this insane reading list. I’d love to know if any of you have read these books, and your thoughts on any of them. As usual, I’m always interested in having more recommendations, so throw them at me! My wallet……. is not ready, BUT I AM.


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