/waiyee cheang

oh, hello. here comes the tricky part of actually making myself sound interesting. well, since i’m a sucker for lists (look, here’s one more thing you’ll learn about me!), i thought that i would come up with 5 essential facts that sum up my life. here goes:

  1. my greatest weakness is my inability to resist cake.
  2. one of the best days i ever had consisted of me taking 2 naps, and still sleeping at 1130pm that night. i was truly living my best life.
  3. i am perfectly capable of using the caps lock.
  4. i lied. i can’t come up with 5 facts because i’m just not that interesting. sorry.
  5. i apologise too much.

so what can you expect out of this blog? a little bit of everything, really. a verbal diarrhoea, if you will. this probably doesn’t answer any of your questions, but i do hope you continue to stick around and find some strange delight in my personal musings.

+65/sunny singapore is such a cliche.